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Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Executive Coaching and mentoring is a professional relationship and activity of a coaching professional, the executive coach, assisting business executives or executive teams, the coachees, to reach specific goals in their professional development, achievement, and career. Executive coaching is a process that inspires and enables coachees to maximize their potential in specific coaching areas.

Executive coaching and team coaching plays a central role in supporting and enabling individuals, employee teams and organizations to focus, to assess and reevaluate priorities and to make conscious decisions on how to improve and enhance their performance to reach individual and company goals. Executive Coaching has become an important component of business life.

Additionally, executive coaching and team coaching is ideal to support and accompany the smooth and successful implementation of strategy and training content and to help executives, managers and employee teams to apply theoretical knowledge in “real life” business situations.

Skywave Solutions offers professional coaching services to business owners, top executives, managers, and teams in the fields of strategy development and implementation, leadership and management style, team building, and individual and organizational performance.

Expat Executive Coaching & Mentoring

Expat executive coaching and mentoring focuses distinctively on the cross-cultural challenges resulting from an international relocation of expatriates and their families to Thailand.

Skywave Solutions’ expat executive coaching services support, inspire and enable expatriate executives adapting to a new culture and work situation, to cope with identity and cross-cultural issues created within their relocated families, and to attain their professional and personal goals in view of a changing professional, cultural and social environment.

Expatriate Family Coaching & Integration Support

Skywave Solutions offers Coaching and integration Support to Expatriate families throughout the transition period, from the time before arriving in the new country until all family members have settled in and adjusted to their new environments. Based on our years of experience as Expatriates, as well as on our academic backgrounds in intercultural psychology, Skywave Solutions will be your reliable resource of information, guidance and ideas how the whole family will successfully master the new challenges.

Stress & Life-Work-Balance Management

The ability to cope with difficult new situations and tasks plays an important for Executives in their busy daily lives, not only for expatriates. Skywave Solutions helps clients to find suitable coping strategies and find a stronger work and life satisfaction, especially in challenging times and under pressure.

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