Business Consulting Services in Bangkok, Thailand

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Our Company Name And Logo

Skywave Solutions (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Our logo and company name stand for achievement of significant growth through rapid development.

The blue dot on the lower left of Our Company Name & Logo symbolizes the original situation; the orange-golden dot at the top-right the target situation. The blue wave represents rapid growth and development. It carries and accelerates the blue dot to a higher and "golden" level.  The orange-golden logo background stands for the beauty of the morning sky at dawn and departure into a golden future.

The word "Skywave" is the verbal combination and manifestation of the wave and the sky pictured in the logo, where the sky is the wave’s only limit. The word "Solutions" is displayed in same orange-golden color as the target situation and stands for "golden solutions". Furthermore, the blue color symbolizes professionalism, planning and reliability, whereas the orange color embodies methods, techniques and technology.

The overall concept of the logo reminds of Yin-Yang-like shapes, which do not only stand for Asia and wisdom but also describe interconnected and interdependent forces that create new and positive developments through their close interaction. The separating white line between the two logo colors signifies a success curve in business growth and development.

The elements of the logo combined symbolize significant growth and rapid development through solution building. Together, they form our company name and brand, Skywave Solutions.