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For reasons of confidentiality and since some of our clients are not permitted by company regulation to publicly refer to their company, we cannot identify company and contact names on this page but will be happy to provide detailed references and contact details to prospective clients.

Please see below testimonials, references and quotes of what our clients say about us and our services.

Skywave Solutions, within short time, organized our company, completed a masterfully written business and marketing plan, set many realistic goals and obtained several top ten Google rankings including two number one positions.
I extend profound appreciation for drafting my business and marketing plans. The documents offer well thought and intelligent plans as an exhaustive and comprehensive compliment to success of my company. It’s critical to note the business and marketing plans allowed me to secure a multi-million dollar investor. The plans clearly outline successful business model of which our investor is impressed.

At any opportunity I recommend your services to those in need of professional business applications. You enhanced the value of my company exponentially of which I’m very grateful.
You are one of the most intelligent, honorable and trustworthy gentlemen I have ever known. Your sharp business acumen has benefited our business immeasurably. With great skill and brilliant techniques, you have positioned us as a global luxury company.
Roland, with what you just said you saved us at least 2 million Baht per year.
You went above and beyond the call of duty for my company of which I’m forever grateful. You kept every promise, appointment and very fair budget as Skywave Solutions is impeccably operated. You are a great friend and a very trustworthy business associate. We look forward to all our business years together.
If I had this training 20 years ago, I think it would have changed my career and possibly my entire life.
Sorry, Roland, we have to postpone the training. With our new and improved search engine rankings our sales and customer service staff is so busy with enquiries that I cannot send them on a training right now. It is only a pleasure deferred. I hope you understand.
For months I have been thinking what to do with my company in Bangkok. On one hand, this business was like a hobby to me that I found hard to give up, on the other hand, I have been losing money and this not only once. Your business review and plan showed me where the problem areas are and what it would mean to bring the place up to standards. Since I am currently reluctant to make an investment to the extent necessary, I have decided to sell the company. Thank you very much for all your work and for helping me to come to a final decision.
In my role as managing director of a technology company in an emerging market a large part of my time was occupied with sales, joggling day-to-day tasks, keeping track of customer satisfaction and other areas where delegation appeared challenging. For many years the sales and business planning fell short, staff development was limited to the most essential training needs. It was only when I met Roland Heck that I saw the possibility to plan while running the business. Roland's hands-on approach, his management experience, excellent client understanding and familiarity with cross-cultural business environments has proven extremely valuable. Soon after starting working with him I gained more clarity, reached a better understanding of our current situation and goals, resulting in better decision making and even more time for planning. I'm very thankful for his consulting, guidance and patience and can only recommend his services to whoever sees the need to grow a business but feels overwhelmed by micro management or is stuck in routine.
Your idea of combining research with promotion was ingenious. Not only do we have a much better understanding of the market, but we also increased sales to an amount where it paid the entire research project and helped us generate extra income.
Why didn’t we meet earlier? For two years, we have been trying everything humanly possible to improve our business. No matter what promotions we made, no matter how cheap we offered, it did not really increase our sales. Based on the results of your research, we realize that we misunderstood who our true customers are. Oh-My-God, since the first day we have been targeting the wrong customers and ignored the others.
Thanks again that you recommended us to conduct the market study. You have saved us from a serious mistake that would have cost us a considerable sum of money otherwise.
We all are very proud of our new website and are getting lots of positive feedback from everybody
Thank you very much. Not only did you help us to achieve a turnaround within just three months of time, you also helped me to recover 6 million Baht that I had considered a bad investment already. I will be always grateful for that.
Skywave Solutions always provide prompt response to our website and e-marketing needs - and they're doing it with friendliness and genuine pleasure to assist.
Thank you very much, very good service from your firm and team
Since on their website they make a clear statement that Business Consulting is their playground, at first we were hesitating to contact Skywave Solutions for our Website Project. Now, almost 1 year later, we would not even think about asking anyone else when it comes to website programming. Skywave Solutions managed to create our multifunctional interactive website with several complicated features and various scripts exactly the way we want it to be. Work was delivered on time and at a reasonable price. Most importantly, however, Skywave listened to what we wanted, tailored the functions to our needs and remained patient when we sometimes got a bit picky during the review process. Our advice to the consultant: don’t be too modest with your web design talent!
We used to work with a number of consultants in the past. Fees were high, and often their work did not provide the outcomes that we expected. With your services, it is the first time that we see clear tangible results of great value to our organization
Amazing work done by your firm regarding SEO of our website. Well done. This is simply great!
When we had no idea how to keep going and which challenge of our business to tackle next, you brought us back on track! Roland, with your experience and your well-structured professional approach you have helped us set the priorities right and to develop an outstanding business strategy. Now, a bit less than 2 years later, we are steaming full power ahead and looking proud onto our achievements.
Roland, the regional market research was the best idea ever. With the now gained market intelligence we are able to develop together an outstanding customer-centric sales and marketing strategy!
Great site! great work! Thanks a lot for the hard work, all, it looks awesome.
I appreciate your reply and honesty – thank-you, it’s very unusual for companies to take this ethical stance nowadays.
After our regional strategic sales training and workshops conducted by Skywave Solutions, we immediately implemented the suggested customer-benefit-orientated sales approach. With great success! Within a short time, we were able to secure a large project with a very noticeable positive impact on the bottom line!
The new websites are awesome! A number of customers contacted us already and lauded the user-friendly design and enhanced features. Great job! Thank you very much for your hard work!
Thanks for the update. The search engine ranking results are encouraging indeed. Thanks for your good work
Frankly, I love the new website, too, and we have lots of positive feedback from our customers. In comparison to other websites, the new website is a masterpiece! Actually, I would like Skywave Solutions to develop our new corporate website as well, because I’m convinced and very confident in your abilities
“Victory on all fronts and stronger than ever! Thank you very much for your great support making this possible.”
“Thank you very much for bringing this matter- TRUE ETHICS are rare in this world but you are special- I knew it!”
You are the best! I am very happy about your work!
Roland, you are a man of your word and I am thrilled by these results! Well done!
Dear Khun Roland, Thank you very much for your prompt reply. We are really impressed by your service. You've made solid points and let's see how we can combine the … goals together in our next meeting.
You are the best! Thank you very much for your always good and fast service
Many thanks for these good news, you do a great job in helping us to develop!
I am happily surprised that you have the insight into all this, thank you for the super quality service.
Many Thanks Roland and very thoughtful of you. You have never failed to impressed me.
I am very pleased with these results and thank you so much for your work.
You guys did a really great job as usual! Kindly let us know if you need to do anything else. Otherwise, please send us the invoice for the great job done.
Skywave perfectly understood our website and SEO needs, their service is invaluable to our firm Franck Fougere, Managing Partner, Ananda Intellectual Property
Excellent company Roland and his team are very professional and friendly. I was very impressed with the knowledge and the complete service they provide us.Luc PariettiLuc Parietti, Managing Partner, Euro Design Furniture Co., Ltd.