Buying a Company in Thailand

No matter if you would like to take over a company in Thailand entirely or become an investor and shareholder, buying a business in Thailand can come with many advantages.

Particularly if time is of the essence, buying a business can be a much better option than starting a company from scratch.

Typical advantages of buying a business in Thailand are not limited to instant market access, market share, and sales revenue, but also include immediate access to established sales and distribution channels, existing customer base, suppliers, equipment, and human capital.

If you are seeking to buy a company in Thailand in the short or long term, Skywave Solutions can assist you with the following services:

Acting as your local representative in Thailand
Sourcing for and identification of investment opportunities and suitable sellers in Thailand
Identification of strategic risks and opportunities
Strategic planning and assessment of strategic value of your acquisition
Acting as a close coordinator and facilitator between you and the seller
Acting as a lead consultant and coordinator with other experts involved in the process
Acting as an intermediate for presentation, discussion and handling of sensitive issues
Looking after and protecting your interests before, during and after the due diligence process
Participation in meetings and negotiations with the seller and seller’s representatives to help you to achieve the most beneficial outcomes

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