Customer Experience & Satisfaction

Create, Measure, Manage, and Enhance Customer Experience and Satisfaction

The Customer Experience Management phrase is commonly used and often confused with the quality of work that customer service staff performs when interacting with customers. Many organizations large and small still believe that training their customer service staff to be more friendly and service-minded fully addresses the issue.

In fact, Customer Experience Management, abbreviated CEM or CXM, are the strategies, policies, and processes a company applies to design and deliver customer-centric interactions between customers and their organization. While managed customer experience has become the new battleground for many businesses, others are still lagging behind, possibly underestimating its relevance and importance.

See Your Business Through the Eyes of Existing and Prospective Customers

Develop a detailed understanding of what causes customer satisfaction and loyalty. Collect reliable, meaningful, and useful data to enhance decision making. Use the collected data and generate differentiating competitive advantage through superior customer experience. Measure customer satisfaction regularly.

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Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Set a clear vision for the ideal customer experience. Integrate Customer Experience Management in your business strategy and functional strategies. Define clear and detailed policies, rules, roles, and responsibilities throughout your organization and along customer touch points.

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Optimize Your Business Processes

Carefully review of every business process from the customer experience perspective to identify customer interaction points, their importance to customer satisfaction, and resulting improvement potentials. Optimize your business processes to assure superior quality of service and great customer experience.

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Train and Motivate Your Staff

Develop your human resources. Create, facilitate, and maintain a culture and climate that promotes, supports, and rewards customer service and quality. Give your employees the self-confidence, motivation, tools, and empowerment to happily interact with customers. Happy employees make happy customers.

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Take Full Advantage of Rapidly Advancing Internet Technologies

Provide your customers with instant access to free information and individualized customer service. Make customer data available to your frontline staff for personalized customer interactions. Use state-of-the art Internet technology and integrate social media in your customer experience management strategy.

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Use Creative Design to Enhance Brand and Customer Experience

Create common, consistent, and visually impressive designs to influence and enhance customer experience and brand perception across interaction channels in physical, digital, and virtual environments.

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