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Take the CXM Health Check developed by Skywave Solutions for a quick self-assessment of the current strengths and weaknesses of your customer experience management and performance. The CXM Health Check is an automated customer experience management performance analyzer that shall help you identify customer experience improvement and optimization potentials and also provide you with useful recommendations on how to close any gaps that are found.

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Why take the Customer Experience Management (CXM) Health Check?

In times of highly competitive globalizing markets and increasing commoditizing of products and services, customers are having an abundance of information and plenty of choices available at a touch of their finger or a click of their mouse. Consequently, it’s no longer the dilemma of customers to find a product or service; it’s the challenge to pick the right one from the many available options.

Not only has Customer Experience become even more important as means to differentiate from the competition, it has become a very important weapon to defend and increase market share in highly competitive market environments. By now, customer experience has become the new battleground for many businesses, while others are still lagging behind, possibly underestimating its relevance and importance.

We developed you Customer Experience Management Analyzer to help you identify customer experience enhancement, improvement, and optimization potentials and provide you with instant outcomes and recommendations.

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