Assess Your Sales Performance (B2B)

Take the Sales Health Check developed by Skywave Solutions for a quick self-assessment of the current strength and weaknesses of your sales force. The Sales Health Check is an automated sales performance analyzer that shall help you identify sales force improvement and optimization potentials and also provide you with useful recommendations on how to close any gaps that are found.

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Why take the Sales Health Check?

Typically, the total costs of having a professional sales team are high. To achieve best returns on sales investment, businesses need to make sure that their sales teams perform at their optimum.

How would you describe your sales team – effective or efficient? Whether your sales team is doing the right things is what defines their effectiveness. Whether your sales team is efficient depends on them doing things right to attain the desired results with minimal consumption of efforts and costs.

To achieve optimal sales ROI, companies should always strive for efficient effectiveness of their sales force. We developed the Sales Performance Analyzer to help you identify sales improvement and intervention potentials and provide you with instant outcomes and recommendations.

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