Selling a Company in Thailand

If you consider selling your company in Thailand, finding a qualified buyer or suitable investor and securing the most advantageous outcomes on your own can be challenging.

Finding the right buyer is the key to a smooth deal and successful transaction. Typically, targeted searches for strategic buyers interested to invest in Thailand produces the best results.

If you are planning to sell your company in Thailand in the short or long term, or if you are considering divestment by just selling parts of your business, Skywave Solutions can assist you with the following services:

Assessment of the strategic value of your company to potential buyers and investors
Determination of selling price range and target selling price beyond just the financials
Strategic planning, development of sales and exit strategy
Identification of adjustment and improvement potentials and preparations to make your company most attractive to prospective buyers and investors
Development of smart, customized and impressive presentation materials
Prospecting for and identification of suitable local and international buyers and investors
Acting as a close coordinator and facilitator between you and the buyer
Acting as a lead consultant and coordinator with other experts involved in the process
Acting as an intermediate for presentation, discussion and handling of sensitive issues
Looking after and protecting your interests before, during and after the due diligence process
Participation in meetings and negotiations with the buyer and the buyer’s representatives to help you to achieve the most beneficial outcomes

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