Strategic Planning & Strategic Management

Strategic Planning & Strategic Management

Transform your organization and grow your business through development and implementation of great strategies and plans

Strategic Planning and Strategic Management, though interdependent and interchangeable in part, are not the same. There are important differences between both.

Strategic planning is the effort of proactively organizing a business venture based on strategic thinking. Strategic planning details operational and financial objectives, and results in specific strategic plans, objectives, actions, and budgets to realize these objectives.

Strategic management includes the setting of the strategy of an organization and the coordination and supervision of the efforts to accomplish organizational medium- and long-term objectives in the overall and in the respective functional areas.

Strategic planning and strategic management are an ongoing, interdependent, partially interchangeable, and recurring effort, based on strategic thinking. Both strategic planning and strategic management are fundamental tools critical to a company’s success in the market place.

With our extensive strategic planning expertise and experience in the fields of Business Planning, Marketing Planning, Targeted Sales, and Website & Internet Strategy, Skywave Solutions can assist you in the development of targeted strategies tailored precisely to you needs, requirements, capabilities, and budget.

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